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Carolyn Phelps, Ph.D

Stress Reduction and Self-Care

November 21, 2012

Thanks everyone for watching our “Stress Reduction and Self-Care” episode.   What a group of inspirational guests!  Don’t you agree?!  So, here are some of the key elements to stress reduction and self-care.  1)      We achieve stress reduction through self-care. 2)      Self-care is our responsibility and our responsibility alone.  It is the best job that we [...]

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Episode 9 – An Ounce of Prevention

December 19, 2011

It was great to be with everyone again after a three week vacation. So here we are knee-deep in holiday stress and on the verge of making our list of New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s talk a little bit about stress. Stress is a psychological and physical response. The body responds to stress by sending out [...]

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Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

December 13, 2011

According to the National Institutes of Health the suicide rate does NOT increase during the Christmas Season, nor any other holiday. Nonetheless the increase in stress, in the form of frustration, feelings of inadequacy, sense of poverty and helplessness, and general financial stress is undeniable. As with most stress, the core of the problem is [...]

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Stress Recap and Questions about ADD/ADHD and School

November 1, 2010

I forgot to make this posting last week following our Stress Reduction program. Related to stress reduction, mindfulness and the mind/body connection, check out the wonderful memoir, “Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence,” by Matthew Sanford, a former Duluth resident. Matthew Sanford survived a devastating car accident at the age of thirteen, which left [...]

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